Chatham 150

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In order to make our sesquicentennial a truly unforgettable year, we need help from our dedicated alumni.  Our 150th Anniversary Ambassadors will work hand in hand with Alumni Relations to plan, execute, and promote Chatham 150. Sign up to volunteer or learn more here, and see the list of our 150th Planning Committee Chairs and current 150th Ambassadors below.

Sign up to be a 150th Ambassador!

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Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Participate in quarterly 150th planning calls

  • Recruit additional Alumni Ambassadors

  • Attend and promote 150th events

  • Make a meaningful 150th gift and assist with 150th fundraising efforts

  • Collect Class Notes and updated contact information from fellow alumni

And more! Contact Director of Alumni Volunteer Coordinator, Katie Thoma at or (412) 365-1652 with any questions or for more information.

Chatham 150 Planning Committee & Ambassadors

Special thanks and recognition are in order for the alumni who have devoted significant time and attention to the planning of Chatham 150 thus far—we couldn't do this without them. Our 150th Anniversary Planning Committee Chairs and Ambassadors have assisted in setting the vision for our signature 150 events and spreading the word amongst their friends and classmates.

150th anniversary planning committee chairs

Cordelia Suran Jacobs ’60

Bonnie Westbrook VanKirk ’81

Sarah Jugovic ’16


150th anniversary Ambassadors

Alice Adams ’82

Dolores Adamson Moore ’66

Julie Arnheim ’93, MALOT ’08, MBA ’09

Carol Baker ’64

Indigo Baloch ’17

Terri Bodnar, MBA ’02

Marianne Boggs Campbell ’48

Sarah Bornstein ’69

Teri Bradford ’18

Pamela “Pam” Bradley ’70

Olivia Brinker, MBA ’16

Annette Calgaro ’84

Darlene Carpenter Palmer ’74

Amy Casale, MPAS ’15

Lynette Charity ’74

Marylloyd Claytor, MLA ’00

Megan Cooper ’18

Jane Coulter Burger ’66

Catherine “Cathy” Cusack Wilson ’74

Kristin DeLuca ’02

Dana Donaldson ’05

Nancy Fendrich Humphreys ’63

Carmen Filloy, MSCP ’11

Kimberly “Kim” Francis ’80

Alexa Frankovitch, MAID ’16

Evelyn “Evie” Freeman ’70

Suzanne Fritch Clewell ’64

Gretchen Hart ’62

Natalie Jellison ’17

Phyllis Kokkila ’83

Alex Lake, MAcc ’14

Rebecca Leighty Abrams ’94

Mary MacConnell Ferry ’64

Angela Matrozza ’96

Hunter Milroy ’16

Levato “Lee” Myford ’93

Kelly Nestman Lockwood ’16

Danni Piccolo ’98

Jennifer Potter ’66

Ann Rosch Duffield ’69

Jeffrey “Jeff” Rothman, DPT ’02

Deborah Rowson ’74

Christina Sahovey ’11

Cathie Schmidt, MBA ’03

Sherry Shadrach ’90

Danyale Smith ’94

James Snow, MSUS ’14

Susan Sponzilli Zimecki ’70

Lynn Stewart Hillman ’69

Sarah “Sally” Terbush Drescher ’64

Leah Thompson ’93

Vanessa Thompson ’12

Jeannine Turgeon ’74

Stephanie Vituccio ’14

Linda Wason-Ellam ’64

Karian Wise ’10

Ciera Young ’14