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Throughout 2019, we’re taking the time to celebrate both where Chatham has been and where we are headed next. Each month, we’ll be highlighting a different strength that has contributed to Chatham’s enduring and evolving legacy, aka one of our ands. Check back each month for a new feature.


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One hundred and eleven years after the founding of the city of bridges came the founding of Pennsylvania Female College in 1869. From our inception to our modern perspective, Pittsburgh has played a fundamental role in Chatham's continued growth as well as our efforts towards education, health sciences, and sustainability.

We opted to start with our location because there would be no Chatham without Pittsburgh, and though our colors are purple and green, we too bleed black and gold. Read the story of Chatham & Pittsburgh →

&more to come...

Stay tuned–watch this space each month for a new feature story highlighting one of Chatham's ands .