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Celebrating Chatham’s 150th Anniversary


Legacy. Spirit. Promise.

Chatham’s legacy is 150 years of seeing not just what is, but what could be. One hundred and fifty years of women making their voices heard. Of challenging assumptions about what is possible, and creating lives of fulfillment and purpose.

Chatham’s spirit can be heard in a sustained chord held at Candlelight. Seen in a smile shared at Reunion. Recognized in the understanding that what connects us is deeper than a degree.

Chatham’s promise is that we will uphold our values, safeguard the memories we share, and continue to extend this promise to others.



This year, join us for a joyous and thought-provoking year of talks, gatherings, and other events as we honor our legacy, celebrate our spirit, and realize our promise.

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Chatham &

Our strength has always been in our commitments. Throughout the year, we’ll highlight a different element of our culture that has driven the evolution and identity of Chatham since the beginning, aka, our ands

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Our Stories

While we celebrate Chatham’s story, we’re calling on our community to rewrite their role in it. Are you a healer? A phoenix? A creator? Find your category—or a friend’s—and share your story.

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Then & Now

Watch 150 years of transformation in real time with our interactive then & now photos. See what Mellon Board Room looked like as a pool and see how students studied before WiFi existed.

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Take a trip down our digital memory lane and explore the milestone moments that transformed the Pennsylvania Female College of 1869 into the Chatham University of today.

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Throughout the year we’ll be offering limited-edition Chatham merchandise. Each month, we’ll refresh the store with new one-of-a-kind products. Don’t miss out on Chatham 150 playing cards and retro apparel.

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Celebrate with us throughout the year.

We’ll be adding new stories, themes, and content, as well as new products in the store all year long leading up to our 150th anniversary. Check back often to see what’s new.