Chatham: A Transformational University Book

Chatham: A Transformational University Book


Reflect on the college and the times on campus that transformed you. Purchase your copy of the book taking us through nearly 150 years of Chatham University.Chatham: A Transformational University looks back at the school's history from inception in 1869 to today, highlighting the opportunities, challenges, memories, and milestones achieved along the way.

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The book follows the development of the university, from when innovative Pittsburghers corrected a social injustice by creating one of the nation's first colleges for women to Chatham attaining university status, creating a new campus, and setting a transformative new course for the future. Packed with nearly 150 images throughout more than 200 pages, Chatham: A Transformational University will bring to life the history, people, and events that shaped the university.

CHATHAM: A Transformational University
by Mary Brignano
Softcover • 208 pages
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